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How To Improve The Illumination Of Day/Night Cameras & Camcorders

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Many purchasers of a day/night camera or camcorder, one that has infrared and full spectrum capability that allows the camera to "see" in near or complete darkness, are highly disappointed to find that their field of view through the camera does not fully illuminate what they are filming. And this prevents the photographer from catching clear shots of their subject, be it a spirit hiding in the dark or a panoramic view in the daylight or at night.

There is a method, however, for getting around this problem and enhancing the visual brightness and clarity of what is being filmed or viewed. By adding an external light source, your day/night camera's illumination will be enhanced significantly. These external illuminators are readily available on the market from a number of suppliers, some good, some not so good and some are quite terrible.

The best infrared and full spectrum illuminators incorporate the use of light emitting diodes, also called LED's. The reasons for this are many. LED's have proven to be an excellent and cost-effective source for bright, consistent illumination that is perfect for capturing the non-visible aspects of the light spectrum because they brighten up fully and instantly with very low heat emission. LED's are robust so that they are not affected by vibration or breakage. They are also long lasting, spanning tens of thousands of hours of operation. And the list goes on. The benefits of using LED's in infrared and full spectrum illumination products are many.

So, if you want to capture better photos and videos at night through infrared or full spectrum filming, you definitely need an infrared external illuminator because all cameras and camcorders on the market today do not have enough illumination to adequately light up the subjects being filmed. There are major differences in quality and performance of external illumination products, so do your research and find one that provides you with the best bang for your buck.

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