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How Full Spectrum Lighting Enhances Paranormal Investigations

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have traditionally relied on the infrared light spectrum to reveal ghostly spirits and other paranormal anomalies. In recent times, however, paranormal researchers have turned to the full spectrum of light in order to identify potential images that just infrared lighting cannot.

In order to get the most out of your night vision camera and ghost hunting experience, an external full spectrum light is a must. All infrared and full spectrum cameras and camcorders available today cannot fully illuminate your photographic environment, resulting in missed images that are invisible to the human eye. Only an external full spectrum light can illuminate your field of vision to see everything clearly and brightly.

It is speculated that ghostly spirits are only visible at night through the use of infrared and ultraviolet lighting, so it makes sense to use a full spectrum illuminator in order to capture images in both infrared and ultraviolet that the naked eye cannot see. A full spectrum light can increase your odds of actually seeing a paranormal entity or image. It makes sense to postulate that if ghosts can be seen in infrared, then there must also be something going on in the ultraviolet band of light.

Full spectrum illumination is a practical application in paranormal photography with the following benefits that go beyond simple night vision capability:

  • Visual clarity through your camera’s viewfinder is considerably improved

  • Better color uniformity and blending is achieved

  • Superior color rendering and definition is attained

  • Increased visual sharpness at comparable luminance

  • Greater brightness at comparable luminance

  • Integrity of the environment is maintained

  • Better overall brightness in your field of vision

The cost of a typical full spectrum illuminator is more than affordable, especially for the benefits that you will receive in your paranormal investigation or, for that matter, any other night vision filming activities where more light is required. It makes good sense to incorporate a full spectrum light in your ghostly endeavors.

Although full spectrum lighting is highly considered by paranormal investigators, many photographers in general are beginning to see the benefits of using full spectrum cameras and lighting in order to create visually appealing photos and videos not only at night, but mainly during daylight hours. The results can be fascinating. The way things are trending, we will see more and more camera manufacturers offering full spectrum cameras and camcorders. And so will the need for an external full spectrum illuminator.

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