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What Our Customers Have To Say:

Fantastic Infrard Light
Best IR Illuminator
Best Full Spectrum Light
great infrared light
best IR Light
Lucent IR Lights are the best
Best IR Light Around

"I had been using an IR light for the last year from another company (I do not know if I am allowed to mention their name), but I was very disappointed and irritated with the short battery life and the charging time was just too long.  So I got the Lucent IR Flood just because they have a 9 volt battery that they said lasts much longer.  After I got the light, I was really surprised to find that it not only gave me almost 8 hrs of filming with the 9 volt battery, but it also had a much brighter light and the distance was amazing. I also liked their small size and it also looks good.  I could not be happier with my Lucent IR Flood Light and plan to buy the full spectrum light."                  Rainer R. - Sparta, NJ 


"Finally somebody got this lR lighting thing right.  Kudos to you guys and gals for coming out with this IR illuminator.  I was pleasantly surprised by how bright and wide the view was through my Sony - better than what I had seen with other IR lights.  I definitely recommend these illuminators.  Really good product."      Everett B. - Dover, OH


"This is actually the second light that I bought from Lucent because the first one I bought, an infrared flood light, worked really well and performed better than other IR lights I had used.  I do paranormal research and I was impressed with the superior distance that is projected, I figured about 50-60 ft., and that it had a much broader light pattern of light than I had experienced with my other lights.  I also like the fact that Lucent's lights use a 9v battery instead of the rechargeable kind in other illuminators.  I am now using Lucent Illuminators exclusively."      Robert L. - Centennial, CO


"Thank you so much I love your products when I was in the market ir Luminators I found a lot of flimsy Luminators that were weak. But yours are way brighter I even dropped one down the stairs and it was just fine. I'm buying at least 6 more Luminators from you. "  Brian B., Saint James, MN

"It was the 10 year warranty and because Lucent Illuminator's lights run on a 9volt battery that made me decide to buy my first infrared light from them, but it was the perfect brightness and the distance that really got my attention.  I used it with my new Sony Handycam and it made great videos that I took inside my car and down a long hallway in my house. This is a really good product.  I hope this feedback helps."     Mark R. - Aylett, VA


"Great product.  It worked just like your website stated and I am happy with the overall clearness and brightness.  It would have been nice to have you include a hotshoe for mounting on my camera, but that is just a suggestion.  l am very happy with my full spectrum light."     Jeffrey R. - Mountain View, CA


"This is one great IR light.  My husband's friend got one for Christmas and the two of them checked it out together.  OMG they were like kids with a new toy.  My husband's Bell & Howell didn't have that great illumination, so when he saw what a difference his buddy's Lucent infrared flood light made, he had to have one of his own immediately.  I ordered it after Christmas and it came yesterday.  He had been looking at a cheaper brand with a rechargeable battery, but his friend said this 9 volt battery would hold it's brightness better.  So far the guys are thrilled and they think its the best on the market.  If I have an update to report at a later time I will.  I believe in Amazon reviews".          Judy H. - Corning, NY

"I'm impressed with this light. Got my money's worth.  Will most likely buy another".  Cal M. - Hays, KS


"I tried it with my new IR/Full Spectrum camcorder and it was great! 

Thanks so much. I also told my investigators to get it..."  Ymilsis M. - San Francisco, CA


"I bought the full spectrum light and I was blown away by the brightness and wide angle view.  It arrived in just four days and it was ready to use.  All I had to do was put in the battery.  Simple and easy it was.  I had been using a Sima light, but the Lucent illuminator is way superior, especially with the convenience of a 9-volt battery.  The small size was perfect for my camera and it weighs next to nothing -perfect for my use. I give it five stars."     Randy C. - Quakertown, PA

"Great lights..second purchase from this seller...order was two days early and very well packaged."     Terrell W. - Pelham, NH

"Excellent seller, fast shipping.  Item as described, no hotspot. Works great!    Jamal T. - Mt. View, CA


"Thank you! I loved my Infrared Illuminator so much I had to get the full spectrum!

                                                                                Danny S., Spirit Walk Paranormal, Maidsville, WV

More testimonials are on file in our offices.  Please Contact Us to see additional customer testimonials.


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