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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Will your infrared lights work on any camera and camcorder?


A - Our illuminators are intended for use with cameras that have infrared capability built in.  A camera or camcorder must be a day/night camera or an infrared enabled camera in order for Lucent Illuminators, or any IR light for that matter, to function properly.  However, our lights do work with all cameras and camcorders that are IR enabled.

About Infrared Lights

Q - How can I tell if my camcorder can see infrared light and will work with IR illuminators?


A - Finding out if your camera is infrared enabled is quite easy.  Your TV remote control sends out an infrared signal.  Just turn on your camera, point the remote at the camera lens and push any button on the remote.  If you see a bright beam in your camera's viewfinder or screen being emitted from the remote, then your camera is infrared enabled and Lucent Illuminators will work on your camera to significantly increase the illumination of your field of view. If you do not see anything when you press the remote, then your camera or camcorder is not night vision capable and no IR light will work.


Q - Question about this is it a True Infrared Light where it does not light up the whole room where you can see with your own eyes? Or is it so only the camera and camcorder can see in total darkness...want it to stay dark except for the camcorder...i am a Paranormal Investigator and need one where the battery will last


A - The IR light only illuminates your field of view through your camera's viewfinder.  You cannot see the infrared light's illumination with your eyes. Only an infrared or full spectrum camera will see the light that the Infrared Flood Light produces. With a 9-volt battery, you will get a good 6 hrs. of continuous use.


Q - it says that it goes up to 60ft...but, what about the width of the Ir? I mean how far does it cover outward instead of just forward?

A - The width of illumination is what you will see through your camera's viewfinder and it depends upon what is being filmed.

Q - About the full spectrum light I received, I was wondering what the three bottom rows of bright LEDs are used for? Since those LEDs illuminate the area, quite brightly, do they affect an investigation, in any way? Thank you in advance."

A - The full spectrum light was designed to cover the whole light spectrum.  The last 3 rows are important because sometimes green light shows shadows that other light does not show. Blue and red can enhance other abnormalities as well. Paranormal phenomenon can happen in light spectrums that we can and can't see. That is why we made this light like it is and it has been very helpful in gathering evidence. 

Q - What is the difference between your infrared flood light and the infrared flood pro?

A - The Infrared Flood Pro has an integrated diffuser which broadens the visibility of your camera and provides a more panoramic view than the Infrared Flood. The brightness of both illuminators is similar, but the Infrared Flood is more focused and the illumination goes a bit farther than the Pro model, but the illumination is not as wide as the Pro. The Infrared Flood Pro is popular among ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, both amateur and professional.

Q - Can you charge the battery in the full spectrum light?

A - Since our illuminators incorporate a standard 9-volt battery, you cannot charge that battery while installed in the illuminator.  Although most people will use a 9-volt battery until it is discharged and then discard it and install a brand new battery, there are many of our customers who purchase a 9-volt battery charger and use that to recharge their used 9-volt battery so that they can use that same battery again and again.  These chargers are readily available through online stores.

Q - Can your illuminators be attached directly to a camera?

A - Our lights do not attach directly to a camera as they come packaged.  You will need a hot shoe adapter, if your camera has the mount for it, or you need a bracket that attaches to your camera with the illuminator mounted on the bracket.  The latter method is used by most folks.  Our lights can also be hand-held and the light focus directed anywhere within the scope of view.

Q - After about 7 hours using my Infrared Flood Light on and off, I noticed that the image through my camcorder was not so bright anymore.  Are the LED's burning out or is the battery no good anymore? 

A - It is the battery.  Whenever you notice a reduction in the brightness of your infrared flood light, it is due to some of the LED's not getting enough current.  This is because the battery is near the end of its life.  Simply insert a new battery and you are good to go. LED's last for 10's of thousands of hours.

Q - I am considering to purchase of your Infrared Flood illuminator. My question, does this unit (apparently at below 940 nm), does it generate/emit any visible light? does it, while functioning in darkness, generate any degree of visible glow?

A - Yes, our illuminators operate below 940 nm and, as such, there is a dim reddish hue that is visible to the human eye when seen up close.  All infrared illuminators below the 940 nm threshold will have this reddish hue.  The shaded lens on our illuminators helps to dim the brightness of the LED's.

Q - "Do your illuminators also show thermal images, the kind that shows heat and cold in different colors?"

A - No.  Lucent Illuminators only increase the illumination of what is being photographed by an infrared enabled camera or camcorder.  Our lights are usually mounted on a bracket along with a camera and mounted on a tripod or hand-held.  IR thermal imaging is achieved in a manner that is different than night vision.


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