Many purchasers of a day/night camera or camcorder, one that has infrared and full spectrum capability that allows the camera to "see" in near or complete darkness, are highly disappointed to find that their field of view through the camera does not fully illuminate wh...

Infrared light, also known as IR, is electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths and lower frequency than the visible light spectrum, which cannot be seen by the human eye.  IR lighting provides visibility in complete darkness by means of a night vision device or...

Paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have traditionally relied on the infrared light spectrum to reveal ghostly spirits and other paranormal anomalies.  In recent times, however, paranormal researchers have turned to the full spectrum of light in order to identif...

The use of infrared light in night vision filming is nothing new.  Ghost hunters and paranormal researchers, among others, have been using day/night cameras, which can see in near darkness due to infrared lighting, for a number of years now.  IR light, as it is sometim...

If you have ever used a day/night camera, which is a camera or camcorder that allows you to see and film at night or in darkness, you may have been disappointed with the lack of illumination provided.  Yes, you can see more through the viewfinder than with the naked ey...

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Infrared and full spectrum LED lights for cameras and camcorders and IR Illuminators for night vision photography.
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