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Lucent Illuminators Are Powerful Infrared And Full Spectrum LED Lights That Significantly Brighten And Broaden Night Vision

Capability For Day/Night Cameras And Camcorders

For Superior Filming Results

Infrared and full spectrum lights for cameras

Lifetime Warranty - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Free Shipping

Powered By An Ordinary 9-Volt Battery

For Up To 8 Hours Of Continuous Use


Lucent Illuminators Solve The Problem Of Poor

Lighting In Night Vision Cameras & Camcorders

Infrared and full spectrum LED lights for cameras

Lucent Illuminators will give you a bright, warm

and evenly distributed light that fully illuminates

your field of view when filming in total darkness


Our lights provide you with optimum illumination and

panoramic light distribution through new LED technology 

that results in significant advantages over other infrared

and full spectrum illuminators found on the market today


It's true, today's day/night cameras and camcorders just do not provide enough infrared light necessary to fully illuminate what is being filmed.  The only way to solve this problem is to add an external infrared light source.  And this is the reason that we developed our line of IR and full spectrum lights. All Lucent Illuminators are designed to provide a high level of illumination and broad light distribution which augments a camera's infrared light capability.  This is illustrated in the photos at right. The superior illumination provided by Lucent's infrared flood light can be easily seen.

Are you having any of these common night-time filming issues?:

  • The IR array on your camera is too narrowly focused or not strong enough.

  • Hot spots obscure too much of what is being viewed or filmed.

  • The battery in your illuminator dies after only a short period of use, resulting in an untimely and annoying end to your filming and it takes too long to charge.

  • Light distribution, brightness and distance are inadequate.

  • Your IR light is a bit bulky or large, making it a nuisance to handle and carry.

If you have experienced any of the above, our infrared and

full spectrum illuminators will solve all those problems for you! 

Infrared Camera View

View through a typical day/night camera

Infrared and full spectrum LED lights for cameras and camcorders

View through day/night camera with a competitive infrared illuminator attached

Infrared and full spectrum LED lights for cameras and camcorders

View through day/night camera with a Lucent Infrared Illuminator attached


Shipping Is Always FREE

 Choose From These Models To Fit Your Circumstances:

Infrared Flood Light
Infrared Flood
For an all around IR light that is effective for both indoor and outdoor shooting in complete darkness, this flood light will provide you with a nice warm and bright view without those bothersome hot spots. To see the view it projects, click Here.
Only $ 69.97
(Was $79.99)
Infrared Pro Flood light for cameras and camcorders
Infrared Flood Pro
When a wide angle projection is desirable, this powerful IR light is the perfect choice.  With its integrated diffuser panel, you will get panoramic illumination
in your field of view, even in the darkest of environments. To see the view it projects, click Here.
Only $ 74.97
(Was $84.99)
Full spectrum illuminator for cameras and camcorders
Full Spectrum
A ghost hunter's favorite.  In order to use your camera or camcorder to its fullest, a full spectrum light is a must in
order to illuminate the entire light spectrum and capture the best photos and videos. To see the view it projects, click Here.
Only $ 69.97
(Was $79.99)
Shoe Mount Adapters for Cameras and Camcorders
Screw Mounts
Screw mounts enable you to attach your illuminator to your camera, camcorder, tripod or
light mounting brackets when necessary.  Choose from three styles: single and double nut mounts and male to female adapters, all with 1/4-20 thread.
From $3.54
To $4.97 ea.
Camera light mounting brackets
10" Adjustable Brackets
Made from strong, yet super light-weight aluminum, these brackets provide steady filming whether on a tripod or on your camera.  You get three universal mounting ports that will mount on any tripod or camera for versatile filming capabilities in any environment.
Only $16.97
(Was $18.97)
infrared light bracket


No Longer Available

9" Mounting Brackets

Made from strong, yet super light-weight aluminum, these brackets provide steady filming whether on a tripod or on your camera.  You get three universal mounting ports that will mount on any tripod or camera for versatile filming capabilities in any environment.

Two T-screws and center mount.

Only $16.97
(Was $18.97)


By combining an infrared illuminator with a full spectrum, you will achieve ultimate light spectrum exposure



Consider These Benefits That You Will Receive From Using Lucent Illuminators: 

More Power To You

LED IR Illuminators

Configured in a precise, proprietary pattern, Lucent lights are powered by LED's that will give you a powerful light source providing you with excellent light distribution and field of view illumination that is unmatched.  You can get up to 60 ft. or more of illumination distance, which ensures that you capture more with minimal adjustment or movement.

Superior Battery Design

Infrared LED Lights

Powered by an ordinary 9-volt battery, Lucent lights will last you 6 to 8 hours or more.  Changing the battery is fast, easy and hassle-free.  The battery compartment snaps open easily and the battery attaches in seconds, eliminating interruptions due to a lengthy battery charging time.  You are instantly ready for continued filming.

Universal Mounts

Full Spectrum LED Lights

Each illuminator comes with an all-metal universal 1/4-20 mount for easy and quick attachment to your camera, camcorder or tripod.  Together with a hot shoe mount when necessary, your light will mount to any camera or tripod in seconds.  Each type of illuminator is lightweight and compact so that it sits securely and evenly.

Developed, Designed And Built In The USA

LED IR Lights

All Lucent Illuminators products were designed and developed in the U.S. and they are built by Americans.  All components are either manufactured by us or sourced in the U.S., except for the pc board, which comes from China, just about like every other pc board.  We incorporate only the best materials and workmanship to ensure a quality product.

No Risk Lifetime Warranty

Infrared LED Illuminators

You receive a warranty on parts and labor for as long as you live. In addition, we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee on all illuminators and brackets.  If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your Lucent Illuminator, just email us within thirty days of your purchase and you will receive a refund within 24 hours.  It's that simple.

Lucent Illuminators are

used the world over

by professionals and

individuals alike:

      • Photographers

      • Ghost hunters


      • Scientific laboratories

      • Paranormal researchers


      • Private investigators

      • University laboratories

      • Military personnel

      • Automotive industry

      • Law enforcement

      • Medical centers

      •  Government agencies

      •  Game hunters

      • People like you


 Turn To Lucent Illuminators With Confidence For Your LED Lighting Solutions 

Whether you are setting up for a paranormal investigation or want to produce a creative photo shoot at night or where there is insufficient light to get a clear shot, an infrared or full spectrum light from Lucent Illuminators is the answer.  By using our external IR lights with your infrared enabled camera, you will get a brighter level of evenly distributed illumination that will make your photos and videos stand out.  And with a 9-volt battery you will get 8 hrs. or more of use.

Known for their high reliability, superior light distribution and excellent brightness, Lucent Illuminators incorporate proprietary LED technology to give you the most powerful and dependable illuminators that you will find on the market today.  Our lights were developed for optimum illumination and light distribution incorporating designs and functionality that make Lucent Illuminators second to none. 
All infrared, ultraviolet and full spectrum illuminators are compact and lightweight making them especially convenient for arrays and situations requiring extended hand-held camera use.  Carry them in your pocket or purse in comfort.

When it comes time for you to make your next purchase of infrared, ultraviolet or full spectrum lights, please review our product line and the benefits that you will receive from buying and using Lucent Illuminators.  We are certain that you will be quite pleased with our products and that you will enjoy a lifetime of uninterrupted use from all our LED illuminators.

You can have confidence in the integrity of Lucent Illuminators products.  We take great pains to ensure that you get a quality illuminator that will give you a lifetime of uninterrupted use. 

Thank you for visiting our website and considering the purchase of one of our products.  Please Contact Us anytime or send us an email at  You will receive a prompt, courteous reply.

Your Friendly Staff at Lucent Illuminators Co.


A Sampling Of Comments

Received From Some Of

Our Customers:

“Fantastic light . . . it made a

big difference . . . fast delivery”


“Excellent customer service and the light works great . . Thanks!”


“. . . used another, but the Lucent light was far superior in the way it lit up my attic so that I could see in the dark corners . . .”


“I am very satisfied with this light. It was well packaged and it is good and sturdy. . . very light and easy to carry.”


“I got a full spectrum light for my birthday from my photographer friend and I went to your website and bought the IF-1 light because the full spectrum worked really great. . .  very happy with both lights.”


“. . .  the 9 volt battery was the kicker.  I hated the hassle of charging the battery with my old illuminator.”


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